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We 💛 the refreshing scent of lemons but here are just a few benefits of adding the lovely lemon to your life.
🔅 Lemons are chock- full of Vitamin C
🔅 Lemon Juice aids in weight loss
🔅 Boosts the immune system
🔅 Healing properties helps treat acne
🔅 Antibacterial properties make a fantastic household cleaner
🔅 Aids the liver in flushing out toxins

June 17, 2017

Ever wonder why your candle “tunnels” when you burn it? Or there’s wax left over?

Blue Capri explains the best way to burn your scented candles so you get the most out of them.

June 10, 2017

We love scented candles! They are so beautiful and can change the look of your space or your mood with just the touch of a match.

But they are more than just beautiful. Click here to read about the many benefits of aromatherapy, from stress relief to lifting your mood.

Stop by Interior to choose the right scented candle for you! We have a wide variety of scents and colors – something for everyone. Take a deep breath and say “Ahhh!”


At Interior, we love to recycle, upcycle, and reuse! It’s good for the planet and it’s inspiring and creative, too. We were charmed by this article about a woman who converted her backyard shed into a tiny home, using reclaimed, free, and discarded materials, like an old janitorial sink. You will be surprised by how charming and stylish the little home is!


When you think about it, you were always a chemist. A sticky-lipped kid mixing all the flavors of Neapolitan together to make ice cream soup. A makeup artist blending just the right amount of frosty white to make the perfect smokey eye. And a real chemist in Professor Lagatta’s chemistry class, kicking butt and taking A’s.

And now, here it is. Your own perfume lab. A set that comes in a box but lives outside of it. An opportunity to craft scents that compliment not just your distinct taste, but your unique chemistry. An olfactory poem, an ode to yourself that’s made without words but with all the soul.

There’s a fancy name for custom scent: bespoke perfume. Unlike the rest, Mix•o•logie’s bespoke perfume comes without the price of your car (times at least three) plus a month’s rent (and then some). No, seriously. Some bespoke perfume can cost tens of thousands. And while Mix•o•logie’s expert perfumers give you eight scents to start with, you’re your own perfumer in the end. Because no one––not even the experts––knows you better than you.

How to Apply Mixologie

To use Mix•o•logie scents, simply apply a “splash” of the rollerball to your forearm, wrist, or neck and layer away. One “splash” is one complete, curvaceous, and nickel-sized “o.”

Where to Find Mixologie

You can find it at Interior, of course! Come on in and play! Or you can find it online here.


I, for one, am a HUGE clay mask lover and user, but how exactly do they work? Clays are negatively charged ions (an atom or molecule with an electric charge) and toxins (in this case bacteria) are positively charged. This is where the magic happens… The negative charge of the clay attracts the positive charge of the bacteria, pulling it out of the pores, thus detoxing! But there are so many types of clay! Which is best for you?

BENTONITE clay is mined from volcanic ash deposits and is one of the most powerful detoxing clays around. It is a bit unusual in that it swells when water or liquid is added to it, like a sponge soaking in water. Bentonite clay’s negative ions are activated when mixed with water and is unparalleled in its ability to draw out toxins and bacteria. WORKS BEST FOR: Bentonite “drinks” in oils along with bacteria and is, therefore, perfect for those with oily skin and are prone to acne or hormonal breakouts. Since this type of clay is so drawing it is best used once every week or once every two weeks.

FRENCH GREEN CLAY is traditionally mined in France from naturally occurring deposits with its signature green color coming from decomposed plant matter. Its strength is medium to mild and is best used once a week or as a spot treatment. WORKS BEST FOR: Individuals with somewhat oily or normal skin with occasional breakouts.

KAOLIN CLAY is the most gentle of all the clays, but still is able to stimulate the flow of blood to the surface of the skin and to gently detox without pulling too much of the skin’s naturally occurring oils. WORKS BEST FOR: Sensitive to dry skin types.

ROSE CLAY is considered to be a type of kaolin clay with some naturally occurring iron oxides, making is a beautiful pink/rosy color. WORKS BEST FOR: Oily/normal/combination skin types.

FULLERS CLAY is also known as a “whitening clay” and has been used for its skin-lightening abilities. It has strong absorbing qualities and is often paired with bentonite clay. WORKS BEST FOR: Combination to oil skin types with uneven tone.

SEA CLAY is mined from ancient sea beds and are rich in minerals and skin-nourishing algae. WORKS BEST FOR: Oily skin types

RHASSOUL CLAY is mined from natural deposits in the Atlas Mountains of Morrocco and has been used for centuries to cleanse, detoxify, and actually reduce dryness. It is high in magnesium and silicas and is used mainly to gently cleanse the skin and hair. WORKS BEST FOR: Normal to dry skin types.

Since clays ARE drying, do not use clay masks every day. They are meant to be a detox and reset for your skin and should be used once a week at the most.

— By Urb Apothecary. Read more and buy their products here.