Welcome to Interior!

We are a locally owned shop in the heart of beautiful Fort Bragg, California. Come on in and take a look around!

With well over 150 hours of detailed work in the last two weeks, our wall has been transformed by local artist Derek DiOrio of Westport! Derek created a Mural full of life, inspired by the ocean. As a lot of you know, I spend as much time as I can at the beach with my dog Little Joey and we have found the beach truly magical. Throughout history, sailors have made drawings and sightings of unique Sea Creatures, with tales passed down from generation to generation.

Incredible life is found at sea, and that is where Derek found the inspiration for his stunning Mural. I fell in love with Derek’s work the minute I saw it and watching him execute his vision day after day, despite blazing sun or blowing wind was amazing. It takes an immense amount of skill to perfect this special art. I am thankful to have shared this adventure with Derek DiOrio and our community and I hope this is just the start for Murals in our town. Please stop by and look at the detail up close and if you are in town for First Friday, meet Derek at Interior from 5-7 pm. We are located at 224 E. Redwood Ave in the heart of downtown Fort Bragg!

Interior is honored and delighted to have been chosen 2016-2017 Business of the Year by the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to our wonderful Chamber and community for this amazing award!

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